Why is everything sold out?
Please keep in mind that all my designs are handmade by myself and that it takes a lot of time to create them. I can only create a limited amount for each release. 
I am constantly working on new items, please be a little patient. :) 

Will you make these ears again? / Do you do re-releases?
Some designs, which are not explicitly described as OOAK (One of a kind) and for which the demand is particularly high, I will probably make again. Most of the time, these will still have a few minor changes. However, usually successive releases will not have the same theme. The only exception are the "Classic Cow ears" these can also be part of consecutive releases.

Where are you located? Do you ship to my country?
I am based in Germany, in a small city called “Radevormwald” - but don’t worry, I ship worldwide. 🌎 You can check all shipping information here.

Can you ship to PO boxes?
No, I cannot ship to PO boxes. Unfortunately, my shipping service provider cannot deliver to PO boxes. Please provide a physical address where you can receive your package safely and securely. 📦

How much do your ears cost?
The usual price range is between 69-199 €, depending on the size, detail, painting and accessories of the ears. Some special designs may have a different price.

How much is that in my currency?
I don't know all the currencies by heart and the currency rates change very frequently. You can easily just google "69 € in $" for example and you will get the result.

How often do you restock your store?
I usually have one release per month. I am a one-woman business and making handmade items takes time.

When is the next release?
You can always find the date and time of the next release on my website (Header and slider), on my Instagram account (Story highlight “Next Release”, Posts) and in my TikTok bio. Sometimes I may not update the date right after the last release, but I will do it within a few days.

Can I reserve the items in my shopping cart?
No, you cannot reserve the items in your shopping cart. Due to the high demand and limited supply of my ears, the items in your cart are only available on a first-come, first-served basis. If someone else completes the checkout process before you, the items may be sold out or removed from your cart. 🛍️

Do you have any tips for buying something?
I suggest you create an account and save your address before you make a purchase, this will save you time at the checkout. Please double-check your address. If the address is incorrect, there may be problems with the delivery. Please use your real name and not nicknames or fantasy names. A wrong name can also cause the package to not be delivered. I always announce the date and the exact time of the release. I recommend you go to the shop page with the current release category a few minutes before the release and refresh it a few times until the products show up. 🛒

What time is this in my country?
I don’t know all the time zones by heart, but you can easily google it e.g. “April 24th 8pm CET” and you will see the corresponding time for your time zone. If you have trouble with the different time zones, please check out the countdown story on Instagram, you can always find it in my Story highlight “Next Release”.

How can I support your work?
Thank you for your interest and support. It means a lot to me. 💕
There are many ways you can support my work, such as:

  • Buying my ears or other products from my shop. 
  • Sharing your photos or videos wearing my ears and tagging me on Instagram or TikTok. 📸
  • Following me on Instagram or TikTok and liking, commenting, or sharing my posts. 🙌
  • Telling your friends or family about my work and spreading the word. 🗣️
  • Sending me a message or a comment with your appreciation or suggestions. 💌

Do you take custom orders?
I’m sorry, I currently do not take custom orders. From time to time I accept orders for cow ears with custom color spots and horns. These are also awarded in my shop or via auction on Instagram. When I have free slots for full custom commissions I will announce it here and on Instagram.

Can't you make an exception?
I’m sorry, I can’t. You are all so adorable and it really breaks my heart to say no, but I want to keep it fair for everyone. If I make an exception, I have to make an exception for the next person too... you see where this is going. This would be very unfair to the people who do not ask for an exception but still want to buy ears. 💔

If there is an auction, how does that work?
The auctions take place on Instagram. I will announce the time and date of the auction post in my story / story highlight "Next Release". The starting bid is mentioned in the post. Bidding will be in the comments. I will place a comment there "Bid here", below you can place your bids. Bidding is in Euro (€), increased bid can be made in at least 5 € steps. You should tag the previous bidder so they get a notification when being outbid. I will delete comments, that don’t follow the rules. The auction usually ends after 24 hours. Payment will be done with Paypal, I will send a payment request for this purpose.